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Michael OritaimaeMichael OritaimaeBrilliant Star School Principal, Henderson, Honiara, Solomon Islands

“It actually came from them. its a state of realization,  it comes from reading their own reality. And they decided to do it as a spatap project.  They plan the project, appointed their own coordinators and they did it all by themselves. We had lessons initially about harmful micro organisms and they become so conscious.  I think the children love what they are doing”

Ms. Seini BainivaluMs. Seini BainivaluNamara Schools, Yasawas, Fiji.

On behalf of the school and the community, I would like to thank you so much for the Hand Hygiene for Health  SPATAP programme that Mr. Stuart, Emily and family had introduced us to. The students and staff of Namara Village School in the Yasawas were really excited and appreciated such a simple but useful tap which we had started using from day one.

Yesterday we had a run through with all the 82 students making a go in practising the installation of the SPATAP right to the end, where they had to remove it from the strap and leaving it for the next partner to set it up. It took us about 45 minutes to do that and then had their hand wash, ready to have their lunch.  It's a wonder as students as young as 6 years old can set up their own taps which is a life long skill and will later be used in their various homes in future.

One of our projects this year was to erect a WASH BAY for our WASH PROGRAMME, which is a requirement which we had not fulfilled for the past couple of years. So this SPATAP is indeed the solution to our problem.  Thank you once again for your blessings to our school. We will now work on our French drainage to complete the project.

Vinaka vakalevu

Mrs Vatiseva CirinainimaMrs Vatiseva Cirinainima

Good Morning, great to hear from you again.

The children and teachers are using SPATAPS and every class is taking ownership of the SPATAPS in front of their classroom. Before having lunch and after having lunch, students would line up in front of the SPATAP closer to their classroom and the overcrowding that used to happen around the tap area has gone.

Three weeks ago, our school was being visited by the WASH coordinator, to see what is happening in our school and was accompanied by another officer. Upon their arrival they were really curious to know what are the hanging bottles for. I explained to them what are for and students came out from their classroom to demonstrate to them how the SPATAP and they were amazed with it. They took pictures of the students using it and concluded that this would be a good idea for school around Fiji especially places where water is scarce.

Looking forward to see you before you leave Fiji.


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Hand Hygiene For Health is a project of the Rotary Clubs of Bribie Island dedicated to educating and empowering the next generation to wash their hand and create the handwashing habit. We aim to improve the lives of children living in hygiene poverty through its innovative education and hygiene programs.