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What is SPATAP?

SPATAP is a portable tap that can fit to any bottle transforming it into an instant flow controllable tap that can dispense water in 3 different ways.

How Many Handwashes From One Bottle?

A SPATAP and 1.5L bottle of water has achieved 62 handwashes with soap in water scarce communities in the world

What is SPATAP made of?

SPATAP is made of the highest Quality German SIlicone with a 30+ year shelf life

What Bottles can it fit on to?

SPATAP fits onto many different bottles, soft drink plastic bottle, military canteens, steel water flasks, shampoo bottles, jam jars, BIg 19 litre plastic bottles, Oil containers. Every bottle is different. We suggest smaller the 1.5litres for a tap and bigger than 1.5litres for a shower

What bottles do you recommend for Schools?

1.5litre or smaller as the children can easily lift this amount of water or ven carry it to school.

Is SPATAP safe?

SPATAP has certification for water and food safe silicone and is UV stable

Is SPATAP reliable?

SPATAP has won 1st prize in 2 international WASH competitions judged by expert WASH panels.

1st Prize Australian Aid Humanitarian Supplies Challenge 2017

!st Prize Standard Bank Water4Africa 2015

What Colour Does SPATAP come in?

SPATAP can come in any Colour

Can SPATAP be branded?


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Hand Hygiene For Health is a project of the Rotary Clubs of Bribie Island dedicated to educating and empowering the next generation to wash their hand and create the handwashing habit. We aim to improve the lives of children living in hygiene poverty through its innovative education and hygiene programs.